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LED Display Screen Indoor Standard Display

The reliability of the classic indoor LED display has gone through a long period of tempering, and its performance and technology have become more comprehensive and mature. The has continued to provide excellent visual experience for many indoor places.

(1) Ease of maintenance: Since the system maintenance eliminates the complicated control part, junior personnel can complete the system maintenance work, which reduces the overall maintenance cost and improves user satisfaction.
(2) High cost performance: the system image display is realistic and natural, and achieves the same display control effect. This is because the performance is reliable, and the control of the 4096-level grayscale of the screen base color is realized.
(3) Unitized and standardized structure design: The large LED display adopts a unitized screen structure, which makes the continuity intuitive and simple. The viewing area is large, the reliability and stability are higher, and the invisible failure rate of the display system is reduced.
(4) The display effect is equivalent to that of a CRT: the picture is clear and sharp, the display image has no mosaic, ghosting, uniform color, high contrast, strong luminous brightness, and the picture is clearly visible. The LED display screen takes the gray level achieved for each primary color as a performance index. At present, the primary color reaches a visual gray level of 256 levels, which is an international display standard. The built-in processing logic of the dedicated gray scale control chip selects 256 levels of gray scale that fit the CRT display, making the image clearer and more realistic.